Meet the Traveling Bubble Lady

CHICAGO -- When you're walking through Lincoln Square, you may see a bubble or two pop on by.

Those are thanks to Linda Bubbles, a playtime facilitator and traveling street performer.

"I live out of my camper van and I primarily travel between Chicago and New Orleans with a few stops in between," Linda said.

Through bubbles, Linda invites smiles, laughter and a chance to self-reflect.

"I get to see people at their best," she said. "Getting our nervous systems to calm down and to experience things like peace and rest can be really challenging, but bubbles do it almost effortlessly."

Normally, kids would be able to make their own bubbles and play with one another in a more intimate setting. But because of COVID-19, Linda's model had to shift, so she got creative.

"The fishing poles are telescopic. It's so I can make a gazillion bubbles all at once, which is really important these days since we're not doing any wand sharing. So it's really important that I make as many bubbles as possible," Linda said.

For Linda, playtime is a place for children and adults to practice consent, consequences, boundaries and awareness. And it's a mindset she takes with her, everywhere she goes.

"What I do isn't just something I do in the afternoons," she said. "This defines who I am."