Search on for large snake in Cape May Co.

LOWER TWP., N.J. (WPVI) -- A Cape May County woman snapped a photo earlier this week of a giant snake snacking on a seagull.

The sight is not only freaking out local families - it's also worrying animal control because the snake is still on the loose.

Becky Clements saw the snake not once, but twice! She saw it eating the seagull in her backyard and, yesterday, she saw it trying to get a little black snake.

"I screamed and ran to get my husband, and [the snake] was gone," Becky said.

Her husband, a retired Army special ops soldier, knows a thing or two about getting snakes.

"We've torn our shed apart trying to find this thing," she said.

Many people in the area think the snake is hiding out in a construction area in the Villas section of Lower Township.

It's the talk of the town.

"Everybody knows about it," said neighbor Cindy Harger.

"It went from 2 feet to 4 feet and now it's 10 feet," said landscaper Chris Fox.

"I just heard there was a snake down there about 12 feet long," said Mike Douglas.

Police were up and down the streets, looking for the slippery reptile.

"I don't know how fast the snake can go. Probably not as fast as I can run!" said Cindy Harger.

Animal control officers are warning residents to keep an eye on small pets and children in the area.

If you see the snake, call Animal Control right away.
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