Colts' cartoon shows Carson Wentz bringing Philly cheesesteak to July 4th BBQ

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Monday, July 5, 2021
Colts' cartoon shows Wentz bringing Philly cheesesteak to BBQ
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The Indianapolis Colts had some fun with that fact Carson Wentz was no longer celebrating July 4th as a Philadelphia Eagle.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- For the first time since he was drafted, Carson Wentz did not celebrate the Fourth of July as the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles.

And his new team, the Indianapolis Colts, had some fun with that fact - at Philly's expense.

In a series of cartoons showing a team July 4th barbeque, Wentz is shown joining his new coach and former Eagles offensive coordinator Frank Reich.

In the cartoon, Wentz brings a Philly cheesesteak to which Reich replies, "Looks good, Carson, but, uh...we don't eat those anymore."

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Not surprisingly, a number of Eagles fans were not happy at this attempt at humor and let their thoughts be heard on the Colts' Twitter feed.

Birds fans tweeted such comments as: "This is corny," "This is the dumbest attempt at a dig on Philly I have ever seen on this app," and "This is disturbing on many levels."

The Colts' social media team responded to their new Philly commenters by using a Bugs Bunny meme which read, "I wish all Philadelphia fans, a very thanks for the engagement."

Wentz was traded to the Colts in March.