Caught on camera: Couple vows to seal doggie door after vulture gets into house

Sunday, June 18, 2023
Couple vows to seal doggie door after vulture gets into house: VIDEO
A Roswell, GA couple vowed to seal their doggie door after a vulture got into their house.

ROSWELL, Ga. -- A vulture perched in the living room was not a sight that a couple in Roswell, Georgia, expected when they returned to their house after being out for 15 minutes on June 10.

Footage recorded by Jacob Totri's door camera shows him and fiancee Vernalisa Rouguex entering the house, then darting out.

Totri told Storyful that he and Rouguex instinctively "fled the scene" after they were startled by the "astonishing" sight. They called their dog to come outside before going back into the house, with footage from Totri showing the scavenger in the living room.

"We're never opening that doggie door again," Rouguex can be heard saying, after Totri said she thought the vulture used it to get in the house.

He said that his fiancee armed herself with two umbrellas and chased the large bird out of their home "in a triumphant Mary Poppins-like stance."

The bird eventually "found solace" on a neighboring house, Totri said.