Police: Man tired of waiting threatened McDonald's workers with gun

Wednesday, December 24, 2014
Man pulls gun on McDonald's worker for burger
Demetri Johnson, 21, is accused of pulling out a pistol on McDonald?s fast food workers in Nashville

NASHVILLE, TN -- When a McDonald's drive-through customer checked his bag, he found his order was wrong. Restaurant employees promised to make things right, but when the man got tired of waiting, police say he pulled out a gun, reports WKRN in Nashville.

Investigators say Demetri Johnson pulled into the drive-thru of a Nashville McDonald's on December 19, placed his order, then drove away.

When he noticed he was missing his burger, he returned to the drive-thru. He reportedly told the manager about the problem, and the manager said he'd bring the burger out.

At some point, police say Johnson got impatient and walked into the restaurant, pulled out a gun and demanded his burger. Three women were with him, and police say they demanded hot fries and soda.

After the group got their grub, they reportedly left.

Through a description given by customers, police were able to identify Johnson as the suspect.

No one was hurt and no one was robbed of any money. Johnson just wanted his burger. But now he's charged with aggravated assault.