Nancy Ng update: Last person to see missing woman in Guatemala speaks out through attorney

ByLeticia Juarez KABC logo
Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Last person to see missing Monterey Park woman in Guatemala speaks out
The last person to see a missing Monterey Park woman while at a yoga retreat in Guatemala is speaking publicly for the first time through her attorney.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. -- The last person to see a missing Monterey Park, California woman while at a yoga retreat in Guatemala is speaking publicly for the first time through her attorney.

"To say my client hasn't done all she can is not true," said attorney G. Christopher Gardner.

Gardner represents Christina Blazek, a San Bernardino County public defender, who attended the same retreat as Nancy Ng. She has been accused of maintaining her silence despite pleas from the missing woman's family to speak with her.

The 29-year-old hasn't been seen since Oct. 19 when she left on a kayak excursion with a yoga group on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala.

"My client did not go anywhere with Ng. They happened upon each other on the lake," said Gardner.

The family of a Monterey Park woman who disappeared in Guatemala is urging the last two people to see her alive to speak to investigators.

While out on lake, Blazek's attorney said the two women chatted and eventually, Ng said she wanted to go for a swim.

"She tried to tell her not to swim because it was rough out there and there was a good current," said Gardner.

According to Blazek, the warning went ignored. Ng went into the water and in the process pushed her kayak away, which Blazek then tried to retrieve.

"She kept one leg in her kayak and one leg in the other kayak and tried to get back to her... and got close to her. And then apparently, she lost the kayak again and she turned around to go back to get the kayak again, and when she turned back around, Ms. Ng was gone."

Gardner says Blazek went for help and a distress call was sent out.

The FBI is now involved in the urgent search for Nancy Ng, a Southern California woman whose family says she disappeared while on a yoga retreat in Guatemala around Oct. 19.

As for rumors that Blazek fled Guatemala in the hours after the incident, her attorney says that's not the case. Gardner told our sister station, ABC7 Eyewitness News in Los Angeles, his client spoke to local authorities and tried to tell them where to look, but she was not familiar with the lake.

"She was told she needed to talk to the police, and she went and gave a full statement to Guatemalan police," said Gardner. "They told her there was nothing that could be done. Apparently that lake is known for having people drown on it."

Blazek's account of events is the first time Ng's family says they've heard of it.

"If it is like she says and it is an accident, I don't understand how she could choose to leave my family in the dark for almost four weeks, and not just say that from the start," said Nicky Ng, Nancy's younger sister.

Ng's family said they attempted to reach Blazek after the incident - first by giving their number to the yoga instructor in charge of the group, then through other contacts. They say they sent two separate emails dated Oct. 25 and Oct. 31. They say Blazek didn't respond to any of their pleas for information.

"We're not blaming anybody or accusing anybody of anything. All we want is answers and we want to bring Nancy home," said Ng.

Blazek's attorney says his client was traumatized by the experience and needed time.

"They tell her they understand she has been through a traumatic experience but then they tell her she needs to come forward to assist authorities.... and they say in the same email if she doesn't come forward they'll make her come forward," said Gardner.

The Ng family denies the Oct. 31 email they sent contained a threat to compel Blazek. In an the email shared with Eyewitness News, the family questions why Blazek was refusing to speak with them and asks her to help them understand what happened to Nancy. The email ends with the family stating if she refused to cooperate they would pursue the matter.

Even so, the Ng family is still hoping to hear directly from Blazek.

"I hope she can understand that we have no account of what happened because she is the only person that saw what happened, and it wasn't included in the report."

The Ng family has hired a search team to try and find Nancy.