Class of 2020: UH grad shares journey of his recovery from shooting to earning degree

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Monday, June 1, 2020
UH grad shares story of being shot to earning a degree
Desaviour was shot and had to learn how to walk again. Now, he's a UH grad who earned several scholarships and is debt-free.

HOUSTON, Texas -- The COVID-19 pandemic has changed graduation for millions of students, but one University of Houston senior is just thankful to be alive and earn his diploma.

Desaviour Ikner started college at Southern Illinois University on academic and athletic scholarships. But during his sophomore year, he was robbed and shot.

"I was just sitting there in a puddle of my own blood," Ikner said.

Ikner couldn't walk for several weeks and had to withdraw from school. He spent the next three semesters in rehab, hoping he would be able to come back stronger and better than ever.

Ikner eventually recovered and said, "I was so happy when I got my swag back in my walk."

Ikner ended up transferring to the University of Houston and received more scholarships, had travel opportunities and is debt-free as a college graduate.