VIDEO: Man pulls gun on prankster in clown costume

STOCKTON, Calif. -- A man who tried to prank people in creepy clown costumes said he's done, after someone pulled a gun on him.

Sadiq Mohammad is a professional prankster, KCRA reports. The 20-year-old's videos, posted on and on Instagram, are viewed daily by about 6.7 million people.

Last Monday, he jumped out of some bushes to scare a man who walk walking in Stockton, Calif. But the man was not laughing.

He pulled a gun out of his pocket and hit Mohammad in the head with it. Mohammad and the camera man took off running and didn't look back.

"When that thing hit me, I was literally like, 'Oh dang, it's a prank. It's a joke. It's a camera, right there,'" Mohammad said. "I saw the gun and if I didn't tell him it was a prank, if I wouldn't have run, I felt like he would have shot me."

Attorney Kresta Daly said people have the right to defend themselves, but pulling a gun in this case may have been excessive.

"A person has the right to defend themselves using reasonable force. It's probably not reasonable to pull a gun," Daly said. "By the time the clown is saying it's a prank and you know, trying to get away and visibly being very scared. The threat has ended. The right to self-defense ends when the threat ends."

Mohammad said he has decided to hang up his clown costume for good.