Hospital staff assembles "superhero team" to support boy with cancer

Avengers Assemble!

KABB-TV reports, the staff at the University Hospital in San Antonio has teamed up to help support a young patient battling a rare form of cancer.

Eight-year-old Asher Cochran is in the third month of treatment for rhabdomyosarcoma. And he's not alone thanks to his "super support team" of doctors and staff members.

Cochran is a big fan of "The Avengers", so a staff member created a shirt in his honor that says: "Fight like an Avenger."

"I just wanted to show Asher support," said Respiratory Therapist Iris Rogers, via CNN.

After others liked the shirt, Rogers made several more. She then got permission for the entire hospital staff to wear the shirts when Cochran is in for treatment. And just like that, his super team was assembled.

"I've sent them to West Indies, to New York -- all the way to Germany," she said. "So when Asher comes in on Tuesdays, he's walking in and he sees everybody with the shirts, and he's like, 'there's my shirt, there's another shirt, I see another shirt.'"

Cochran has turned into quite the celebrity at the hospital, with staff members often asking to take a picture with him -- all while wearing his shirt. Asher's Avernger's even has a Facebook page.

"It helps me fight whenever I see the shirts. It helps me fight the cancer," he said.