Health officials warn of COVID-19 delta variant as summer kicks off

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The COVID-19 pandemic almost feels like a thing of the past as people rush to their summer vacations and reunite with their loved ones.

"Being able to go to the airport and travel again makes me happy," said Heaven Ellis of Mount Laurel, New Jersey.

But nationwide, the 7-day averages for COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are up. The CDC says the COVID-19 delta variant is spreading throughout the United States and is more transmissible.

Top health officials have warned for weeks that unvaccinated people have a high risk of contracting the delta variant of the virus. The CDC reports the delta variant makes up 73% of sequenced new cases in Missouri.

Missouri is a state with rising infections and a low vaccination rate.

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6abc asked family medicine physician Dr. Delana Wardlaw what families should do if they're traveling to states with a low vaccination rate and have children under the age of 12 who can't get the vaccine.

"Please make sure that your children who are not getting vaccinations just yet are fully masked, (and) still practicing social distancing guidelines," said Dr. Wardlaw.

The Philadelphia Phillies were reminded that COVID-19 is still here when general manager Joe Girardi confirmed four players were placed on the COVID-related injured list after third baseman Alec Bohm tested positive for the virus.

"We'll know more as time goes on," said Girardi in a press conference.

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Over on South Street during its "pedestrian nights" event, the road was blocked from 9th Street to Front Street for people to enjoy.

Grandmother Tracey Childs said she's not too worried about her grandkids contracting the virus even though they can't get vaccinated.

"I keep them away from people," said Childs. "We don't go in the big crowd. We just move away, play by ourselves and we're good for now."

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