Healthy take-out alternatives to curb COVID-19 weight gain

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Due to the pandemic, many of us have been ordering take-out or delivery much more often and some are noticing the effects on your waistline. But carry-out meals don't always have to derail healthy eating.

Before the pandemic, many people just had take-out when they wanted to splurge.

But if you're doing it a few times a week and you want to stay healthy, you're going to have to make smart choices.

The good news is almost every restaurant has healthy options, so take some time to look over the menu...

Look for dishes with protein and vegetables. If you're eating Italian, that could be chicken breast or salmon with sauce. If you order pizza, many offer whole wheat or even cauliflower crust.

And dietitians say when you can, try to order a la carte.

"Lean sources of protein, whole grains and vegetable can make a meal. So if we were talking about a mexican restaurant you can get grilled chicken you can get corn tortillas and if you get onions and peppers and things like that added on and that's your meal, three ingredients and you get those groups," said Kristin Kirkpatrick, RD, Cleveland Clinic.

The same tips apply to fast food, but in some cases you might have to look at the kids menu to find healthy alternatives.
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