Family warns others of short visits after losing mother, father to COVID-19 days before Christmas

ByWill Jones WLS logo
Monday, December 28, 2020
Couple dies of COVID days before Christmas after short family visit for haircut
The Bruno family hopes their story serves as a tale of caution for those who want to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

CHICAGO -- What was supposed to be a simple haircut has cost a husband and wife their lives just days before Christmas. Now, their son hopes their story will serve as a tale of caution for those who want to celebrate the holiday with their loved ones.

The Chicago family has been left heartbroken after several relatives were infected with COVID-19 in just one short visit.

The family hopes their tragic tale of caution serves as a warning to others.

After 59 years of marriage, Mike and Carol Bruno died 10 days apart after battling the coronavirus. Mike passed away Wednesday night.

"We never thought this would happen to our family and it did, and this virus is really unforgiving and just attacks in really vicious ways," said Mike and Carol's son, Joe.

Joe said he, along with his brother, sister and her husband, also contracted the virus.

The family tragedy began with a haircut on November 20.

"My sister works in a salon and so just before Thanksgiving my sister got a COVID test and was negative, and she quarantined for three or four days after she got the negative test. I needed a haircut, and she said, 'Well, why don't I just come by and cut your hair so you don't have to come into the salon,'" Joe recalled.

Joe's sister brought their mother with her to his apartment.

"I did not hug my mom; I did not hug my sister. My sister cut my hair, she was masked and all the windows were open," Joe said. "We were distanced in my apartment and then they left. They were over for maybe 40-45 minutes. Later that evening, my sister started to feel symptoms and about three days later I started to feel symptoms," Joe said.

Couple married for more than 47 years die from COVID-19 moments apart

A family in Michigan is mourning the death of their parents who died of COVID-19 moments apart just before Thanksgiving.

"Had I made that sacrifice and, you know, didn't spend, you know, 30-40 minutes with my mom--they would still be here," he said.

"We've got to double down on the public health measures we know work," said Dr. Jay Bhatt with Medical Home Network. "So, I would just think about what risk you're putting yourselves and others into when you leave your house to go to a family gathering."

The family's story is a reminder of the tragedy COVID-19 can bring and has brought to many families in 2020.

"I think the thing that gives us peace is knowing that my dad didn't know my mom passed away," Joe said. "To know that they went within less than 10 days of one another is such a beautiful thing. And, you know, I would give anything to bring them back but I'm so happy that they are together again."