6abc's Building It Better Together Town Hall - COVID and the Holidays

Thursday, November 19, 2020
6abc's Town Hall - COVID and the Holidays
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COVID infections are on the rise, so is the desire to celebrate the holidays, How can we stay safe for ourselves and our families? Action News Health Reporter Ali Gorman hosts our Town Hall.

6abc Studios (WPVI) -- The holidays are here but for many people they are not going to be quite as merry this year. COVID-19 infections are once again shooting up, officials are telling us to stay in our homes, avoid contact with others, and wear masks. The guidelines are for our health and safety as well as the health and safety of everyone we come in contact with - as well as strangers. We are all impacted by the decisions others make.

So how can we enjoy family and friends, celebrate some of the most important holidays on our calendars, and still try to beat COVID?

Action News Health Reporter Ali Gorman hosts this town hall, discussing ways to make sure the holidays aren't a bust. Physical and mental health, safe activities, and spiritual reflection are all part of the conversation.