Road repairs continue after deadly crash in Audubon

AUDUBON, Pa. (WPVI) -- The road repairs continue after a deadly crash in Montgomery County.

South Park Avenue in Lower Providence Township has been closed since Monday's fiery wreck that killed a truck driver.

Authorities are hoping to have the roadway back open by Wednesday morning. But that's if all goes well.

An environmental team has been at the scene all day working to remove the waxy substance covering the road.

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A waxy and slippery cosmetic makeup powder called Aquabeads 519 spilled out of one truck involved in yesterday's deadly collision - raw sewage came out of another.

It took authorities some time to figure out how to begin cleaning it up.

The makeup powder went all over South Park Avenue when a tractor trailer and a tanker truck collided on a curve just before 6 a.m. yesterday.

Lower Providence Police Chief Francis Carroll explains, "When you walk on that surface, it literally feels like you're walking on a wax floor. So just imagine the loss of traction for a vehicle driving on a surface like that."

Lower Providence Township officials had to consult with the maker of the powder to figure out how to begin to clean it up.

As it turns out, regular dish detergent and water works.

Knowing that, crews started cleaning up the substance this morning.

Chief Carroll tells us, "Which involved the application of water, detergent, scrubbing and then high-pressure water application to the product. It is then swept into a large vacuum for removal from the site."

The tanker truck was carrying raw sewage and some went down into a nearby creek. Environmental teams were able to contain the sludge using booms and pumps.

Once all the white powder is removed, PennDOT will mill the pavement to ensure it's all gone.

Meantime, the road remains closed with residents unable to use it. They can't even walk down the street.

The driver of the tanker truck was killed. He is now identified as 40-year-old Jermon Jeffers of Stowe, Pennsylvania.

The accident investigation hasn't been able to proceed much because investigators have to wait until the substance is all cleaned up before they can take measurements and do their work.
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