Over 100 calls for service during height of winter storm in Delaware County

Thursday, December 17, 2020
Dann Cuellar reports at winter storm hits Delaware County, Pa.
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Dann Cuellar reports at winter storm hits Delaware County, Pa. on Dec. 16, 2020.

DREXEL HILL, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A powerful winter storm brought heavy snow, sleet and even ice to Delaware County, Pennsylvania on Wednesday.

"It's very slick out there, the snow is starting to pack down. It was light, so now it's starting to get a little icy out there," said Doug Tillman, an Uber driver from Drexel Hill.

"It's a little icy, I wouldn't go out if you didn't have four-wheel drive," added Michael Attwood of Clifton Heights.

At the height of the storm, officials say first responders assisted with over 100 emergencies, including a multi-vehicle pile-up on I-95 in Ridley.

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"I think seven people had to be transported. Once again it shows the strain we put on our EMS systems during this COVID period. Seven ambulances getting to I-95 during a snowstorm is a big task in our county," said Timothy Boyce, director of Delaware County Emergency Services.

The storm clean-up is now underway in the county. Some people were out and about shoveling all that snow as rain poured off and on.

"As soon as it stops raining, the water lays on top of the snow and it creates a sheet of ice, so it's real hard to shovel, hard to plow," said Paul Dorwalt of Glenolden.

Officials are worried about roadways icing up overnight and what that could mean for the morning rush hour. They advise drivers to take it slow and don't let their guard down.

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