New Hampshire police to drivers: 'Please don't do this'

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Sunday, July 19, 2015
Photo from the Portsmouth NH Police Department via Facebook

PORTSMOUTH, NH -- Finding a parking spot during busy shopping hours isn't always easy. Sometimes you might even have to park far away forcing you to walk across the parking lot to the store.

Well not this driver. They tried to beat the system by parking where the carts go.

A photo posted by the Portsmouth, New Hampshire Police Department shows a small car wedged perfectly into the cart return at a Walmart Supercenter. We're not sure how the driver managed to get out of the car, but the window was left rolled down.

However, the driver's antics didn't go unnoticed, and now their car has become the face of what not to do when parking thanks to Portsmouth Police. It posted the photo on all of its social media pages with a simple warning: "Please don't do this."