Farmer turns drone into a working fishing pole

Wednesday, September 2, 2015
Drone Fishing
A man who calls himself Farmer Derek caught a fish with his drone, by turning the device into a high flying fishing pole, and posted the incredible video to Youtube.

A Kansas farmer turned a drone into a high-flying fishing pole.

Derek Klingenberg, also know as Farmer Derek, filmed himself using a drone to catch a fish.

In the video, you see the drone hover over a lake and within 10 minutes Klingenberg hooked a small Blue Gill using a plastic worm.

"Hey guys. Farmer Derek here. I'm gonna try fishing with my drone. This is my first attempt," he claims at the start of the video.

The Blue Gill did end up going back in the water, but not before Farmer Derek documented his catch by taking a selfie, "or a fishy" as he called it.

Farmer Derek is known for his oddball farm videos. He's the same guy who played 'Jingle Bells' on a trombone to his cattle last year.