New-look Eagles secondary wants to be second to none

Friday, August 7, 2020

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Philadelphia Eagles safety Rodney McLeod is trying to fill the void left by three-time pro bowler Malcolm Jenkins, who left for New Orleans.

Big shoes to fill on and off the field; not to mention trying lead during this unusual training camp.

"I want to lead this team to the promise land," McLeod confidently stated Thursday as the Eagles continue their ramp-up period of training camp.

After an average 2019 for the Eagles secondary, McLeod wants the back end of the "D" to be known as the best in football, like it was with Brian Dawkins and Troy Vincent.

"As a secondary, I felt that we were a little disrespected at times (last year), it's time to live up to that standard," McLeod says.

Jalen Mills says, "We are not going to be the 2019 Eagles, we have to find our identity."

McLeod started working on building chemistry months ago, especially with Jalen Mills, who is switching from corner to safety. The duo would go over game tape together while at home and work on their communication skills, so it's seamless on game day.

So how is it going?

Mills called his communication "pretty dope."

Mills wanted to make sure he didn't switch any of the communication that McLeod was a custom to working with Jenkins because McLeod was successful.

"The chemistry is going to be a lot easier than a lot of people think, so far so good. He will be ready to rock," McLeod says of Mills transition and learning curve.

With the addition of corner Darius Slay, the Eagles have all the talent in the world on paper for a group that is hungry.

McLeod and Mills say the key will be blocking out the extra distractions and staying safe.

"We have to treat this facility like it's our house," Mills said of protecting his so-called work family. "We are family. We are brothers. Don't want to bring anything into our house. Don't want to bring anything to our family."