4 Ridley High School seniors end school year on "positive note"

RIDLEY TWP., Pa. (WPVI) -- Come graduation, there's usually very little seniors leave behind, but not this year at a Delaware County high school.

Yet, as you walk the halls of Ridley High School you'll find traces of what four are leaving behind that may just stick around for years to come.

Call it ending on a positive Post-it.

Bryn Pote and three of her friends are blanketing the school's roughly 2,500 lockers with sticky notes to spread messages of love, acceptance, and value.

"It took us about three hours to put them all up," Pote said.

On each note, a different hand-written message like "You are loved," "Love yourself" and "Life is tough, but so are you."

"Be kind' was on a lot of them," Pote added.

Byrn's friends, Morgan Peden, Alex Wagner, and Harry Shoop divided the work one day after dismissal, with permission from administrators.

"I was in charge of the third floor," Wagner said. "I hope it inspires other schools to do stuff," said Shoop. "It made me happy to know that Bryn's message was really being heard," Peden added.

A message that no student should ever feel alone or invisible as she once did when life threw her a curveball some years back.

"I actually suffered from a house fire when I was in 6th grade and after that, I kinda made my entire life about helping people," explained Pote.

That positive outlook and willingness to do good is why school principal, Dr. Ken Acker signed off on the project.

"I actually said, "How many Post-it notes do you need?." "That lifted the school the next day and I knew that by doing something like that everyone was actually partaking in it," Acker said.

After graduation, the group will part ways. Bryn says she will be joining the Marines, but, what they've accomplished has undoubtedly left its mark.

"I wanted to show people that you can do something simple and make a big change," Pote said.

While most of the Post-its are gone, some have made it into yearbooks, others inside the lockers themselves for future classes to come.
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