Ahead of Elsa, crews in Delaware clear flood-prone areas

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- The Turkey Run Creek in Wilmington, Delaware is often prone to flooding, that's why New Castle County crews got ahead of the expected storm by clearing debris which could impede the flow of extra water from rainfall.

"When the rain is heavy, it's like raging white water rapids," says Diane Finoccarhiaro.

It didn't look like much on Thursday afternoon, but past storms have proven that it doesn't take much for the creek to turn into a damaging force.

"What happens is the bathtub starts filling up with water, the bottom of the toilet where it meets the floor water comes up. So, I watch the weather and when I know there's a storm warning, I get the shop vac ready," says neighbor Paul Gray.

To prevent water swells and flooding, New Castle County crews are working to clear fallen trees and debris in the area ahead of expected storms.

"We're removing one of our major stream blockages where a tree fell into the creek and it's fallen and taken other materials with it. Over time, that material gets blocked and the stream can't flow," says New Castle County Chief of Construction Support Stacy McNatt.

The storm warning has Rehoboth Beach police and patrol on alert, too.

"We have our lifeguards out there monitoring the conditions because we could see an increase in swells, rip currents and our seas could be up to 6 to 9 feet," says Rehoboth Beach Police Chief Keith Banks.

In Delaware City, pump systems are in place and sea wall barriers have been installed.

"We anticipate high winds and maybe some coastal flooding, so what we've done is put up our sea walls and barriers around the perimeter of our park here," says Delaware City Manager David Baylor.
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