Trailblazing Chef Inspires Young Culinary Talent of Color

CHICAGO -- A chef at one of Chicago's most popular restaurants is devoted to inspiring young people of color to find their path in culinary arts.

"We're very committed to exposing young men and women of color to what we do," said Chef Erick Williams, who runs Virtue in the city's Hyde Park neighborhood.

Virtue serves inspired Southern cuisine, attracting fans that include former President Barack Obama.

When Williams set out in fine dining, he said he was often the only African American chef in the kitchen. But he works to chip away at that disparity by mentoring young men and women of color in his restaurants.

"I would definitely say I'm encouraged by the amount of African American chefs and soon-to-be restaurateurs that are being celebrated both locally and nationally."

For more information on Virtue, visit the restaurant's website.