Explosions, fire rock chemical plant near Harrisburg

CONEWAGO, Pa. -- Officials say smoke from a fire at a Pennsylvania fertilizer plant is not considered toxic, but that they're continuing to monitor air quality.

The fire started around 3:30 a.m. Monday at Miller Chemical and Fertilizer in Conewago, Adams County, southeast of Harrisburg.

It continued to smolder as of 10 a.m. Firefighters were letting the fire burn out.

Residents within a mile have been asked to shelter in place. Businesses in that area have been asked to close.

People at the scene reported a nasty smell and their eyes burning.

A fire chief says homes would have been evacuated if winds shifted and pushed smoke their way.

Officials initially described the fire as a "major hazmat incident." Several containers could be heard exploding.

Miller Chemical says it manufactures non-hazardous crop protection and nutritional agrochemicals.
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