6-year-old, Flyers captain bond over grilled cheese after heartfelt letter

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Getting fan mail is nothing new for Flyers captain Claude Giroux, but something about a letter written in crayon from 6-year-old Seamus Essl was special.

The letter reads in part:

"Dear Giroux,

I'm your biggest fan. You're my favorite hockey player since I was a baby. I know you are busy, but I have an ice rink in my backyard, and you are invited to come. ... Even my mom will make us grilled cheese.


Seamus Essl"

Seamus knew the way to Giroux's heart - his favorite food, grilled cheese. But instead of heading to his house for lunch, Giroux had a better idea: Invite Seamus and his parents to practice as his specials guests.

"I was blown away, blown away," said MaryAnne Essl, Seamus' mother.

"He said wont you guys come out, and we're like you got to be kidding me. There's no way," said Bob Essl, Seamus' father.

And then the moment of a lifetime for Seamus, a chance meet and eat with his hero in the Flyers locker room.

When asked what it was like to meet Giroux, Seamus simply replied, "Good."

Seamus, a boy of few words, was a little starstruck, but made a huge impression on Giroux.

"Sometimes it just hits you a little bit more. We have time to do those kinds of things after practice. Anytime we have a chance to meet a kid like that is awesome," said Giroux.

"It's pretty awesome. I mean there's no words to really describe the appreciation," said Bob Essl.

"I think he'll always remember this for sure," said MaryAnne Essl. "This is a big deal for him."

So what started with a simple letter from Seamus, ended with lunch and memories that will last a lifetime.
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