FYI Philly: The Pierogie Kitchen

ROXBOROUGH (WPVI) -- At The Pierogie Kitchen, Marie Thorpe is bringing her grandmother's pierogi recipe to life.

Marie used to watch her grandmother in the kitchen. She remembers standing up in a chair and leaning over as her grandmother made her special recipe.

"I didn't help, I just played with dough and ate potatoes," said Marie.

She added, "I'm Ukrainian by decent so we grew up eating pierogis and used to be able to get then anywhere in the city of Philadelphia. Either Ukrainian churches or Polish churches and you really can't anymore. So about eleven years ago I decided I was going to start making them and selling them."

Marie makes her pierogis from scratch and she's taken her own liberties with her grandma's recipe.

There are 23 varieties of pierogis. "It's just like ice cream," says Marie.

One of the popular ones is the Philly cheese steak pierogi.

And when you come to The Pierogie Kitchen, there are pierogis in everything.

There's no seating at The Pierogie Kitchen. It's all to-go and that includes frozen handmade pierogis that you can cook up at home.

You can watch FYI Philly on Saturday night at 7:00 p.m. on Channel 6.
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