New Jersey pork roll company says business is booming

TRENTON, N.J. (WPVI) -- There's a delicacy that seems to become very popular this time of year - especially if you love ham. In fact, there's become a growing demand for pork roll in the Garden State.

Things are busy at the Case Pork Roll factory in Trenton. Tucked away in a small building on Washington Street in Chambersburg, a staff of 40 cranks out 5 million pounds of pork roll a year.

Case Pork Roll CEO Tom Grieb explains, "It just seems like recently that it's very popular. People in New Jersey are very passionate about their pork roll."

With clients like Walmart, Costco, ShopRite - not to mention lots of delis and diners - Case is now adding another slicing line to keep up with demand.

Grieb says, "We are gonna double this line here so we could actually do double the production."

At Case's, pork roll is made from ham trimmings and seasoning - no fillers. It's loaded into bags that look like long tubes then sent to a giant smoker that uses hickory chips.

Case Pork Roll President Tom Dolan tells us, "That's what we are known for, it's the hickory flavor smoked pork roll. So we do with the old fashion way. Business has been around since 1870."

The production line is expanding because business is expanding. It seems more people are finding out about pork roll, and like it.

April Mantuano of Trenton says, "My kids love it. Pork roll and cheese on bread, without bread, don't matter."

And Joe Ciccia of Hamilton tells us, "You go out of this area, they don't know about it. So it's basically just around this area, maybe 20 to 30 mile area."

Developed in Trenton in the 1850s, this tasty breakfast treat has become so popular there are now two pork roll festivals in the city each year.

Grieb says, "It's just been here forever. People think of pork roll, they think of Trenton."

Seventh generation pork roll maker Tom Grieb hopes to have all the permits he needs in the next month so he can ramp up production to meet the growing demand for pork roll.
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