Rehoboth Beach hot ice cream earns Ripley's spot

REHOBOTH BEACH (WPVI) -- An ice cream shop in Rehoboth Beach earned a spot in a new "Ripley's Believe It or Not" book thanks to one of its unique flavors.

The Ice Cream Store serves up 100 different types of ice cream.

The flavor featured in the new book is ghost pepper ice cream which is made with the hottest known pepper.

"We designed it to put in an ice cream so we would make something that was blazing hot, but because of the sugar content and the milk it sort of mitigates it a little bit. So some people go (screams) and they can't handle it. Other people go that wasn't so bad," Chip Hearn of the Ice Cream Store said.

The ghost pepper ice cream is so hot, though - customers actually need to sign a waiver before trying it!

Would you have a taste?
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