7 organization products that will make your fridge more functional

ByEmma Zlotowitz WPVI logo
Thursday, July 27, 2023

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You may have noticed an influx of ultra-organized, color-coded, beautifully labeled refrigerators across social media. The #fridgeorganization tag on TikTok has 2.8 billion views. This organizational fridge guide is here to help you turn your fridge into a more functional and social media-worthy part of your kitchen.

1. Refrigerator Organizer Bins - $17.99

Keep your favorite snacks at the forefront, better manage your groceries, and keep your fridge looking fresh and cool. This organization set comes in three colors to help you color coordinate, and as an added bonus, extra shelves can be used to organize products around the house.

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2. Lazy Susan - $15.99

Stop playing Tetris with your condiments and trying to squeeze in that jar of mustard. The lazy Susan rotating organizer makes finding your condiments and spices easier.

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3. Fridge Hanging Mesh Bag - $10.99

This refrigerator organizer bag is hung on the inside of the door and occupies little to no space. It's perfect for kids' juice pouches or that random tube of tomato paste.

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4. Food Pouch Slider Organizer - $15.99

These pouch sliders will give you quick and easy access to your toddler's favorite pouches and installs on any fridge using adhesive strips.

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5. Mini USB Fridge Deodorizer - $22.99

Say goodbye to baking soda. The deodorizer circulates fresh air throughout your fridge and claims you'll smell the difference in hours.

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6. Egg Holder - $14.99

Always know how many eggs you have on hand with this Totally Kitchen egg holder. Its clear design allows for easy visibility, so you can stop buying another dozen eggs.

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7. Refrigerator Liners - $11.95

Protect your fridge shelves from spills and keep your fridge in pristine condition with these refrigerator liners. With multiple colors to choose from, you can color code and refresh the look of your fridge shelves.

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