Delaware County family featured on GMA for Fruit Snack Challenge video

GARNET VALLEY, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- It's the Fruit Snack Challenge that's absolutely priceless - and the cry heard around the country - thanks to being featured on Good Morning America.

The Larkin family of Garnet Valley, Delaware County, let the cameras roll to see what twins Hayden and Hailey would do if they were asked not eat the snacks until their mom returned.

In a matter of seconds, chaos ensued.

"Hayden is definitely the go-getter. She is the youngest out of all four and the smallest, so it is kind of survival of the fittest around here, and I think she realized that pretty early on," said mom Lisa Larkin

Yes, they are adorable but when it comes to fruit snacks, it's survival of the fittest.

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It appears Hayden got the best of Hailey, when she swooped in and stuffed everything into her mouth. But in all fairness, Hailey did manage to eat one.

"Growing up with the other two boys I mean, you know, she has to get her hands right in there. She is learning at an early age to say the least," said Rick Larkin.

Lisa is an ICU nurse and says this memorable moment added some much-needed humor in these difficult times.

She says there are lessons to be learned. For Hailey, she has to be quicker and mom and dad say the kids can definitely practice sharing more, but there is also an important takeaway for adults.

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"We are all in the same ship but it is definitely not the same storm for everybody, so I can understand how people are very stressed but if you can take a deep breath and see the humor in life," said Lisa.

Just in case you are wondering, Lisa said after the video ended, she gave Hailey her own bag of Fruit Snacks.
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