Unmarried woman gets revenge on parents with hilariously dark Christmas cards

When Bridget's parents told her she was no longer welcome in their annual Christmas card, she decided to start sending her own holiday greetings. The results have been a playfully dark take on a popular holiday tradition.

Bridget is the youngest of five children. As her older siblings grew up and got married, they departed their parents annual cards and began sending out their own. Eventually, it was just Mom, Dad and Bridget. When Bridget's mom decided that it was awkward to have their one single adult child in their card, Bridget was left on her own.

"Since everyone had their own Christmas cards with their spouse and/or kids, I thought it would be funny to send one out with my 'immediate family'... or lack thereof," Bridget, who asked that her last name be omitted, told ABC via email.

And a new tradition was born. Bridget's first solo card in 2010 featured her sitting alone, drinking wine straight out of the bottle. It was signed, "love bridget, just bridget." In the years since Bridget has sent cards with stuffed animal tea parties, dinner parties with multiple versions of her sitting around the table, and most recently, her kayaking with her "new man" -- a mannequin wearing a Santa hat.

"I absolutely feel pressure to out-do myself every year," Bridge told ABC. "Honestly, every year I'm a little disappointed and think the past years were funnier but I have to send one out anyway. I usually have at least one friend who tells me I have out-done myself, even when I think my recipients will all be disappointed. Maybe they're just being nice."

Bridget is actually not single. She's been in a relationship for the past two years, but has no plans on adding her boyfriend into her now viral holiday cards.

"For now, my friends can rest assured that the cards and weirdness will keep coming," she said, "even if I AM quite content during the holidays."

Photos used with permission.
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