'General Hospital' to say goodbye to beloved character of 45 years

'General Hospital' will pay tribute to longtime character, Bobbie Spencer, who was portrayed by the late Jacklyn Zeman.

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Friday, January 5, 2024
Bobbie Spencer, portrayed by the late Jacklyn Zeman for over 45 years, will receive a two-episode tribute this week on 'General Hospital.'
ABC/Christine Bartolucci

LOS ANGELES -- After the commemorative 60th anniversary primetime special, "General Hospital" is back with another heart-wrenching week of programming, where they'll pay tribute to the beloved character, Bobbie Spencer.

Bobbie was played by the late Jacklyn Zeman for over 45 years, where she received four Daytime Emmy nominations for her work.

Take a look at the synopses for the upcoming week.

Monday, January 8
Carly and Elizabeth bond over Bobbie memories. Maxie and Felicia support each other over Bobbie's death. Josslyn is furious with Michael. Tracy tells Brook Lynn about Scott and Lucy's scheme. Lucy and Scott share a charged moment.

Tuesday, January 9
Alexis and Gregory discuss their kiss. Marshall and Stella clash. Trina confides in Stella. Sonny seeks out Carly. Laura takes Esme to the PCPD.

Wednesday, January 10
Tribute Part 1: It is the day of Bobbie Spencer's memorial, as the town of Port Charles mourns the loss of their beloved friend. Felicia and Carly come together to honor Bobbie. Carly is forced to reckon with her family's past and close her mother's unfinished business.

Thursday, January 11
Tribute Part 2: Carly and Felicia travel to Amsterdam to tend to the business Bobbie left. Meanwhile, Maxie and a reporter sit down with the people of Port Charles to share their memories of Bobbie. Carly dedicates a lovely tribute to her mother.

Friday, January 12
Nikolas shares a moment with Ava. Spencer receives a surprise visitor. Curtis encourages Trina. Dex shows a brave side. Diane and Robert have a disagreement.

"General Hospital" is the longest-running American soap opera, with over 15,000 episodes to its name.

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