Former Governor Ed Rendell takes stand at Fattah Jr. trial

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The son of an embattled Pennsylvania congressman is charged with stealing money meant for Philadelphia schools.

On day 10 of Chaka Fattah Jr.'s federal trial Thursday, a notable witness took the stand - former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell.

Fattah Jr. is representing himself, assisted by a court appointed attorney.

He says he's being railroaded by rogue FBI agents determined to bring his father down.

Rendell was the first defense witness called by Fattah Jr.

The former governor and mayor of Philadelphia was on the stand for only seven minutes, telling the jury Fattah was a paid consultant and photographer for his 2002 campaign for governor.

"We paid him $5,000 for his work as a photographer for the length of the campaign. He worked hard. He spent a lot of days on the campaign. He did good photography. He was very cooperative with the public. He was easy to work with."

"Indicates that I ran a legitimate business which is contrary to the government's argument in their opening statement," Fattah Jr. said.

Fattah says he'll call former Mayor John Street to the stand Friday for the same purpose.

In the meantime, Fattah is calling for the charges against him to be dismissed by the judge after the FBI lead investigator admitted he tipped off a newspaper reporter to FBI raids at Fattah's Ritz-Carlton condo and offices.

"The FBI agent broke a number of laws, grand jury secrecy laws. Whether or not it could turn into a dismissal today, that's not the only issue here," Fattah Jr. said.

That FBI agent denies leaking any secret grand jury material.

The case could be in the hands of the jury as early as next week.
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