Gun shops see increase in sales after mass shootings

HORSHAM, Pa. (WPVI) -- Gun shop owners tell Action News they've seen a spike in sales as people are deciding to arm themselves in the wake of recent mass shootings.

The staccato of gunfire echoes could be heard Thursday night inside a bustling Clayton's Hunting and Fishing in Horsham, Pa.

"We did see an increase after Paris for a few days, and then it went down a little bit, and then it started to increase yesterday, and today it's been very busy" said Tom Clayton.

"If it's busy in here, and we don't have the news on, we can tell if there's been a headline about a mass shooting by the influx of people that come in," said Ed Clayton.

But its hunting and the holiday season so business tends to boom around this time of year.

Still, some are looking for protection.

"I did actually have a husband and wife come in and purchased a gun," said Clayton. He said the couple told him, "They were just buying something so they could have it in their house."

"In speaking with people, finding out what they need, why they're here, it seems to be coming out that defense and the political area, this aspect of what's going on socially is what's driving it," said Ed Clayton.

Critics say mass shootings like the one on Wednesday should be a call for fewer guns - not more - but that debate will continue to simmer.

And while most mass shootings occur where gun owners likely won't have their weapon, more and more people are taking up arms.

Joseph Purshock bought his first gun on Thursday, a .38 Special, but it's not necessarily intended for protection.

"Personally, it's just the time to have a gun. I like it. It's a nice hobby on the side," said Joseph Purshock of Atlanta, Georgia.

Gun shop owners say training is paramount. An instructor tells Action News buying a gun and thinking you can protect yourself is like buying a piano and all of sudden thinking you can play.
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