HEAD LICE WARNING: Be careful trying on Halloween costumes

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Monday, October 23, 2017
Halloween costume lice warning
Halloween costume lice warning

Halloween is right around the corner. That means fun costumes, wigs, and hats.

As your children try on costumes, you need to be sure that you check for lice.

Trying on or sharing any costume that includes a head piece could potentially spread the disease.

"They look like tiny smaller than a grain of rice stuck to the hair," Pediatrician Dr. Ron Pudlo said. "Sometimes you see actual lice. Most of time what you're going to see is what we call 'nits. It's stuck to the hair, you can't take your fingers and pull it off."

To avoid the creepy crawlies, Dr. Pudlo suggests wearing things that are clean or you own, and don't share with other children.

Experts suggest parents put a swimming cap or wig cap on their child's head before trying on any headgear.

They also say you should put wigs or costumes in sealed plastic bags for several days before wearing it.

Any lice attached to it should die within 48 hours.

If your child does get lice, there are products that help make it easier to treat.


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