Raising Healthy Kids: Holiday eating

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Thanksgiving feasts often set off a month where holiday goodies are a steady diet. (WPVI)

It's almost time for thanksgiving feasts and today's Raising Healthy Kids with Erin O'Hearn shares healthy eating tips the whole family can use.

Thanksgiving feasts often set off a month where holiday goodies are a steady diet.

And oh, those heavenly pies! Temptation is everywhere over the holidays.

It would be so easy to let that healthy eating slide.

Beth Smith, Registered Dietitian at Children's Hospital says, "We actually have a little less structure and a little more celebration."

She says simple strategies can help keep everyone's diet in balance.

"When you open the fridge, you want them to see your healthy options - your fruits, your vegetables. Keep a small bowl of trail mix on the counter. All of those things that you might walk by and grab, you want those to be your healthiest options first," said Smith.

Second, think small, as in small plates. It really does keep portion sizes down.

"Three cookies can all be the same size, but what you don't realize is, the bigger the plate, the more you want to fill it," added Smith.

Party punches can have up to 24 cubes worth of sugar!

Dilute the drinks with seltzer and add in some fresh fruit.

Make sure there's water on the table at every meal.

Smith says, "Water helps everyone feel full without getting the extra sugars and extra calories, and keeps you satisfied without overeating.

Resist the urge to have seconds right away. Wait 15 or 20 minutes to give your brain time to signal that you are full.

And kids, get into the kitchen to help your parents make healthy holiday foods.

A recent study shows learning to cook early leads to eating a greater variety of foods.

Smith says while food is an important part of thanksgiving, the holidays are actually about being thankful for our blessings.
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