Family tries unique approach to find donor kidney for sick toddler

PEARLAND, Texas (WPVI) -- A Pearland,Texas, family is trying a new way to find a kidney donor for their sick toddler. They're taking their search on the road.

In her 2-and-a-half years, Kira Walker has spent more time in the hospital than any toddler should. She was born in Japan, when her father was in the Navy. Complications during child birth led to a number of battles as she grew, including kidney failure.

Her father Brandon Walker said, "It's been a roller coaster ride for us, the entire family."

"Kira has changed our world," said her mother, Kyla Walker. "I don't know what Kira's future holds, but I think we just want to help her reach her full potential, whatever that is."

They've had to wait until she was big enough and strong enough to be eligible for a kidney transplant. It's already been about a year. So far - no match.

"We were kind of at a standstill," Brandon said.

Kira goes to dialysis four days a week. Recently, Kyla says other parents with kids there also waiting for a kidney came up with this idea: advertising for a donor on the back of her SUV. In search of: blood type B or O.

Kyla admits it makes her nervous to drive around with the request on her back window. But she says when your child's life depends on it, you do what you must.

Maybe you can help Kira, or any of the 50 other children much like her at Texas Children's Hospital waiting right now for a kidney and get them on the road to recovery. Learn more about organ donation at

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