Hiker lost for 5 days in Montana survived on bugs

A man who survived five days lost in the wilderness of Montana is sharing how he survived.

He ate bugs.

Kaden Laga was hiking with his family when he got separated from his group.

He ended up on a mountain to find shelter where he passed the time writing a text to his pregnant wife, who he thought he would never see again.

He did survived the night and continued hiking, eating berries and bugs along the way.

On the fifth night, Kaden found a campsite where a couple was fast asleep.

That night they decided to leave their headlight on.

"It's a real tangible feeling that I felt every minute that I was lost. That I could feel people praying for me," Kaden says.

As for those bugs?

Kaden says they taste just like unbuttered popcorn with a lot more texture.
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