Action News Troubleshooters: A promised renovation revoked

The Laskowskis have six children, including four whom they adopted. They homeschool their kids, so especially for this family, the idea of a home makeover was truly a dream come true. The announcement came with fire sirens and applause as the Laskowski family had won a huge home makeover.

"And new furniture, be put up in a hotel, picked up in a limo, delivered back to our house," explained Elisabeth Laskowski, of Exeter Township, Pennsylvania.

The free home makeover was supposed to be the ninth renovation project by the HBA Restoring Hope Foundation of Berks County and the Laskowskis' were already preparing for the makeover to begin on September 5.

"We're packing, we're packing our boxes, we're taking stuff off the walls. We were told to completely pack out our house," she said.

But then the shocker-- the Laskowski's dreams are dashed.

A one-sentence letter from the HBA Restoring Hope Foundation was sent that said, "Due to anticipated insufficient staffing and volunteers for this project, we must withdraw our offer to make improvements to your home."

"That's really the only communications we've had. No apology. No explanation," said Paul Laskowski.

The letter is signed by Diane Salks, the chairwoman of the nonprofit.

"It feels like it should be destroying hope is the name of the organization because how do you come in and offer such hope to a family and then pull it away," Elisabeth said.

And the kicker-- on the Foundation's homepage, it is still accepting applications for a build in 2020.

The Troubleshooters called the phone number and were told by the Home Builders Association that the Foundation is a separate entity with a separate board, so HBA could not comment.

"This just doesn't make sense. There's something more to this story but nobody knows what it is," said Paul.

The HBA told Action News it would pass along its message to Diane Salks, the chairperson of the HBA Restoring Hope Foundation. The Troubleshooters will continue to get to the bottom of this.
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