Real-life 'Superman' cop helps disabled man who lost bag at Philadelphia hospital

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A real-life "Superman" came to the rescue of a disabled man after his bag was stolen at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.

It's a miracle to even meet 36-year-old Ira Printz. Six weeks ago, he almost died from pneumonia.

"It wasn't good at all. He almost lost his life before. He got here and the doctors and nurses saved his life," said his mom, Laura Bigelow.

Printz has Down syndrome. His mom says he also has a secret strength. Everyone calls him "Superman."

"I don't know, he likes the doll. He loves the way it looks and feels and the cape," said Bigelow.

While he wears his gown at the hospital, Ira kept all of his Superman clothes-- and his phone-- in a bag. On Monday, that bag disappeared.

"I made a police report hoping it might turn up even though I know it won't turn up," said Bigelow.

That's until the police officer showed up the next day with a new phone and a new shirt.

"I have goosebumps. When he came in with all his police attire, this police officer was like an angel," said Bigelow.

The officer didn't even tell his supervisors what he did.

"He's been there a long time and I know that this is one of thousands of things he's done that were so sweet and so kind and yet so him-- not saying anything because that's who he is," said Maureen Rush, the VP of Public Safety and Superintendent for the Penn Police Department.

While the officer doesn't want any recognition, Printz would like to see him again. He's doing so well that he's leaving the hospital soon and his mom says he'd like to thank his real-life Superman.

"There are heroes. There are heroes in this hospital and a hero came and brought my son a couple of things he cherishes," said Bigelow.
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