Minn. couple celebrates Super Bowl with fund drive for Phila. non-profit

Marking Super Bowl 52 by raising $5200 for group that "changed our lives"

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Saturday, February 3, 2018

UNIVERSITY CITY (WPVI) -- Jenn Lebanowski lived one of those nightmares which parents-to-be dread: before birth, her daughter was diagnosed with a life-threatening condition.

And the chance of survival was only 50/50.

She and husband Thomas found the best medical care for her daughter's condition at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia.

But once Jenn delivered daughter Lucy, where could the Lebanowskis stay for the weeks, or maybe years, her newborn needed at CHOP?

Jenn found the answer in Hosts for Hospitals, a Philadelphia-based non-profit which finds housing for patients and family members coming here for living-saving treatment.

Friday morning, when Jenn woke up in her Minneapolis home and heard about the thousands of Eagles fans coming to Minnesota, she decided to say thanks for the hospitality she experienced in the Quaker City.

Her "Minneapolis loves Philly" appeal is aimed at celebrating Super Bowl 52 by raising at least $5,200 for Host for Hospitals, so other patients can feel the warmth and reassurance of a private at these nerve-wracking time

Jenn says she wants to "show Philly some "Minnesota nice,'" and if Vikings fans are still upset about losing the NFC title to the Eagles, she hopes they'll show a little 'Minnesota passive-aggression' in supporting people who visit Philadelphia, but don't live there.

Click here for a link to the 'Minneapolis loves Philly' appeal.'