Dentist's '#InMyFillings' dance has more views than Will Smith's take on viral challenge

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Monday, July 23, 2018
Best 'In My Feelings' challenge? Dentist's dance goes viral
Dr. Rich Constantine's take on the Drake ''#InMyFeelings'' challenge is getting more attention than the dentist expected.

GREENVILLE, S.C. -- With his "#InMyFillings" dance, Dr. Rich Constantine, a dentist at Constantine Dental in Greenville, South Carolina, said he just wanted to calm his patients' nerves by doing a fun dance and joining in on a viral challenge. Now he's reaching tens of millions.

"You know we get that coming to the dentist isn't always something that people look forward to, but feel that the more our patients get to know us and see a side of us that they may not otherwise see," Constantine told Good Morning America on Monday. "We like to do fun things at the office to keep the atmosphere light and to make patients smile."

Because of this mentality, Constantine decided to join the viral #InMyFeeelings challenge by doing the "The Shiggy" to Drake's hit song. He said he hoped it would show off his fun side because he likes for his patients to "look forward to future visits and look at it as a pleasurable experience rather than one they have to be nervous about."

As of Monday morning, his video has nearly 50 million views, which is more than either Will Smith or Ciara, two of the celebrities who helped the challenge go viral.

"It was surreal! I've never seen anything like that before. I've maybe gotten a couple thousand views before at best. That's it. Never expected anything like this," Constantine told GMA. "I thought a few people in Greenville, South Carolina, might see it, and a few of my friends and family members. But I had no idea that it would get legs like it did and take off."

If the comments on the video are any indication, Constantine has made the dentist less nerve-racking for more than just his own patients.

"I just ordered a pound of gummy bears and washing it down with fruit punch. Cavity Watch 2018!!" wrote one commenter.

"Hmmmmmm. I think it's time to get a cleaning, fillings, root canal, teeth whitening, and X-rays, all on different visits," wrote another.

Funnily enough, Constantine almost didn't make the video because he didn't want to dance in front of anyone, including his coworkers.

"They just kept asking me and asking me and one day, last Thursday when they went to lunch, because I knew I wouldn't be able to do it while they were here in front of them, I just propped my camera up and I filmed it in our hallway. And then it took off from there," he said.