Mom brutally attacked by teen girls outside CA high school; confrontation over bullied daughter

ByCornell W. Barnard KGO logo
Monday, January 13, 2020
Mom attacked by teens outside East Bay high school, police say
An East Bay mother is recovering from a brutal attack on the campus of her daughter's high school.

UNION CITY, Calif. -- A northern California mother is recovering from a brutal attack on the campus of her daughter's high school.

Maria Jimenez was treated by paramedics Tuesday morning after she and her family say they were attacked at James Logan High School by two teenage girls.

"They started screaming at us, 'What you wanna do? Who's going to fight first,'" said parent Eder Rojas.

Rojas says one of the girls had been bullying his 16-year-old daughter. They were at the school to complain to the principal but were confronted by the teens before they made it through the front door.

"The girl was very furious, they grabbed by the hair and dragged me," said Maria Jimenez through a translator.

The bruises on Jimenez' face shows where she was punched and kicked, her nose was also broken.

"I just wanted to talk to the principal, you'd never imagine a kid would hit an adult, I thought we were safe on campus," said Jimenez.

Eder tried to pull the teens off his wife and daughter who was also hit.

Police responded and arrested one of the teenagers, charging her with battery with serious bodily injury.

The school sent an email to parents, which said in part:

"We are investigating and following up on this incident working directly with the Union City Police Department, and taking disciplinary actions. We believe this incident to be between the two Logan students and does not appear to involve any other Logan students."

The unprovoked attack sent Maria Jimenez to the hospital for two days. She just had a baby four months ago.

Now, she wants justice.

The family says they will find a new high school for their daughter and are considering hiring an attorney. A Gofundme page has been established to help with Maria's medical expenses.