On the Move: House left on Wildwood street as crews run out of daylight

Police said the effort was called off at sunset due to darkness.
WILDWOOD, New Jersey (WPVI) -- There's a traffic detour at the Jersey Shore and it's not weather-related.

A house was spotted sitting in the middle of the street on Wednesday.

The residence roadblock occurred on the 200 block of East Lincoln Avenue in Wildwood.

Crews were in the process of moving the house, which had been above the iconic Shamrock Beef and Ale that closed down last year.

Police said the effort was called off at sunset Wednesday due to darkness.

"After working all day to move the Shamrock building, crews have run out of daylight and were forced to leave the building in the 200 block of Lincoln Avenue overnight. They will return in the morning to hopefully get the building to its final destination," The City of Wildwood Police Department said in a Facebook post Wednesday night.

Police said the 200 block of East Lincoln Avenue remains closed to traffic.

In addition, police said, the 100 block of East Lincoln Avenue is also closed due to a wire that was lowered and cannot be replaced until the move is complete.

Police are hopeful when crews return, they will be able to move the house to its new location.


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