'Bachelor' Joey talks about big season premiere, dating more than 30 women

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Monday, January 22, 2024
'Bachelor' Joey talks about big season premiere
Sandy Kenyon with the latest.

NEW YORK -- "The Bachelor" is back and ABC is making sure as many people as possible know the franchise returns with a two-hour premiere Monday night.

Joey Graziadei lived in Hawaii where he worked as a tennis pro, but then moved to Philadelphia to be closer to friends and family after his time on "The Bachelorette."

He was in New York City just before the debut of his season to introduce himself.

"Bachelor Nation" would say Joey is "here for the right reasons" and by that, fans mean he is genuinely looking for a mate, unlike some others who are looking to get famous or advance their careers in some way.

Judging from our conversation in New York and at a networking party, Joey comes across as sincere and friendly and he's definitely marriage material.

The new Bachelor is a 28-year-old fan favorite who wooed and wanted to wed former "Bachelorette" Charity Lawson.

But she chose someone else and now Joey is looking for love in a field of more than 30 women.

"It's a dream come true to have the opportunity to find that one woman, but it's very difficult to go through this process when you are feeling unnatural through a lot of it..." he said.

"It's a dream come true to have the opportunity to find that one woman" ALIGN="right" AUTHOR="Joey Graziadei

The first episode features entrances that are, even by the colorful standards of this series, wild and wacky.

"I try not to hold an entrance against them because I know how nerve-wracking it is from being in their position getting out of that limo. I remember I blacked out. I didn't remember one thing I said. I just hoped it looked good," Joey said.

It's clear Joey's experience as a contestant has prepared him for being the lead, and helped him refine the qualities he is looking for in a mate and kindness is key.

"Being kind is an attractive trait and that's sexy," Joey said.

Being kind is an attractive trait and that's sexy.
Joey Graziadei

Joey told me he's a "one-woman man," so what's he doing kissing so many women on night one?

"It's something that is weird that you're kissing this many women. I would never be in the situation anywhere else, but I just go off the moment and how it feels between the two of us and that goes however it's supposed to go," he said.

The newest "Bachelor" watched the first episode and says he is "well represented," but a trailer hints at much emotion to come and he is not looking forward to re-living that.

"It's hard to watch back, but the thing is it's real, so I tried to be authentic. I tried to be myself. I tried to be vulnerable and it's never fun to watch it, but it's true, and there were emotions during that time, and people need to see that," Joey said.

Joey is not a newcomer to "Bachelor Nation" and that means he is very careful not to reveal what happened this season.

Taping ended months ago, but he gave me no hints about whom he ended up with or even if he found love.

Joey's season of "The Bachelor" premieres Monday night at 8 p.m. on ABC and streaming the next day on Hulu.