Man throws pothole on his street a party to get city workers' attention

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Kansas City man was so fed up with a pothole on his street, he decided to throw it a party.

Frank Sereno says he called the city several times and decided it was time to try something new to get its attention.

That's when he chose to throw a birthday party to celebrate three months of living with the pothole.

"I got some cake, lit a candle and had a little birthday party for pothole. He seemed thrilled with the whole idea," Sereno said jokingly. "I didn't sing to him. I thought about it, it was a little bit warm so, I just got some cake."

Sereno posted pictures of the birthday cake on Facebook, much to the amusement of his neighbors.

The Kansas City public works department said rain has interfered with road repairs, but crews are making their way through the backlog of pothole reports.
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