CDC says measles cases hit 1022 in 2019

This year's measles outbreak continues to grow, with the CDC saying today that 1022 people have now been sickened.

That's up more than 40 since last week.

The vast majority continue to be in New York, where the state's response to the outbreak is under fire.

Unlike other states, unvaccinated kids are allowed in school in New York state.

And in the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community, the state health department botched the Yiddish translation on educational posters.

A mothers' group in Brooklyn is now holding small info sessions, to disspell vaccination myths one-on-one.

"Because women are passionate about their children. if there's enough understanding the correct decisions will be made," says organizer Shoshana Bernstein, confident the effort will work.

Organizere hope it makes a difference, and soon.
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