Middletown High School students create digital STEM organization from home

MIDDLETOWN, Delaware (WPVI) -- There are young people in Middletown, Delaware doing some pretty incredible things.

Three high school juniors were missing their STEM clubs, so they got creative while they were home distance learning.

With in-school learning canceled, extracurricular activities wiped from the schedule and life pretty much on pause.

Passionate about STEM, the three 16-year-olds created a digital organization that's become a huge hit across their state.

"We realized that these cancellations are not just affecting us, but everyone around the state," explains Collin Bowers. "The clubs and competitions that were canceled left these students empty-handed. So we thought, 'Why not make an organization and competition ourselves?'"

Bowers, along with Raaj Pednekar, and Victor Shi, are all juniors at Middletown High School.

They spent five hours a day together on Zoom, creating an entirely digital organization called The STEM Organization of Delaware.

They also created their own Delaware At-Home STEM Competition.

They have signed up 19 schools and over 100 members.

"We hope to keep expanding and get students who are passionate about STEM involved," says Pednekar.

The competition is open through June 15.

Judges from the University of Pennsylvania will choose the winners.

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