Study reveals 'baby boomers' more sensitive than 'millennials'

It turns out the "hypersensitive" label haunting the millennial demographic isn't accurate at all.

A new narcissism study found so-called "boomers" are the ones who get their feelings hurt more easily.

The study was published earlier this month in Psychology and Aging.

The findings contradict the narrative in our culture that younger people are more narcissistic, opinionated and stubborn.

Researchers said while narcassistic traits tend to decline as we age, if you compare the two demographics as a whole, baby boomers tend to be more sensitive than millennials.

The researchers' theory for this is that boomers may have lived through different generational events that shaped their perspective, for example, growing up with government privileges like social security.

How social security makes you more narcassistic than having a pastime of counting your likes on social media is not clear yet.

We will have to wait a few decades to get that feedback.

The study group was made up of interviews with nearly 750 people from ages 13 to 77.

It is the largest study on narcissism ever conducted, and it is making sure everyone knows it.
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