South Jersey girl living California dream on set of ABC's 'mixed-ish'

If you watch mixed-ish here on 6abc, you are surely familiar with a little star on the rise.

Mykal-Michelle Harris is a South Jersey girl now living the California dream.

We were all wowed with her talent when she visited us here in the 6abc studios to chat about Tuesday night's holiday episode.

The little superstar was born and raised here in Delran, Burlington County and moved to California three years ago.

Ask her and she'll tell you, this will always be home.

"It's like the best place in the world. They have way better pizza, way better bagels, way better everything," Mykal-Michelle laughs. "California, shame on you."

A big personality and ton of talent packed into a pint-sized package, Mykal-Michelle has big ambitions.

"I love being an actress as a kid, but as I grow up I want to be a director, an executive producer, and a camera person," she says.

She plays Santa Monica on mixed-ish, a show that's big on laughs, but its message is major.

"I think they are learning that being mixed is your superpower," she says. "Whether you have hair like mine or different shoes or you like pink as a boy or black as a girl, it doesn't really matter."

Tuesday night's episode is the show's holiday episode, and while Mykal-Michelle is living the Hollywood life, she's just like any other 7-year-old, especially on Christmas morning.

"We get out of bed, rush downstairs to the tree, grab all of the presents," she says, adding that's she's definitely on Santa's "Nice List."

You can watch mixed-ish Tuesdays at 9 p.m. right here on 6abc.
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