11 New Jersey MVC centers going appointment-only, won't take walk-ins

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Friday, October 23, 2020
New Jersey MVC sees long lines as customers wait overnight at locations across state
(Previous story) Long lines across Motor Vehicle Commission agencies in New Jersey continue since reopening on July 7.

NEW JERSEY -- Some New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission Centers will no longer allow walk-ins beginning November 2, shifting to an appointment-only system.

At other centers, additional transactions will be available by appointment.

At all MVC Licensing Centers, out-of-state transfers will now be available by appointment only, just like Commercial Driver License renewals.

The MVC has authorized Licensing Centers to process out-of-state registration and title transfers concurrently with license transfers, to eliminate the need for multiple MVC visits by customers.

At MVC Vehicle Centers, appointments for registration/title transfers for privately purchased vehicles will be offered at NJMVC.gov.

The following MVC Vehicle Centers will be appointment-only, starting November 2.

--Cherry Hill


--Jersey City









The remaining five Vehicle Centers -- East Orange, Newton, Runnemede, South Brunswick, and Washington -- will continue to serve customers for vehicle transactions on a walk-in basis, as well as by appointment.

Customers may go to NJMVC.gov to make an appointment for any of these transactions.

"I'm proud of the amazing volume of work processed by our team since reopening in July; shifting to an appointment system limits that capacity as well as our flexibility," MVC Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said. "However, in-person Vehicle Center Services, specifically new registrations of privately purchased vehicles, have been steadily declining week to week to the point where we believe that our appointment capacity can meet demand. Unlike license transactions, these transactions have proven very consistent from customer to customer, so we can accurately predict how long each will take."

Seniors age 65 and older will be able to reserve appointments at any time, while continuing to benefit from exclusive "Senior Hours" at Vehicle Centers, designated Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., now by appointment.

Appointments for out-of-state transfers and registration/title transfers can be scheduled online and will be available on a rolling, 30-day basis.

Customers are cautioned that demand is high, so they may not be able to get an appointment at their preferred location.

"We will continue to track demand very closely, especially if and when closures due to COVID-19 force appointment cancellations," Fulton said. "As with each innovation we have made, at least one new initiative every two weeks since our reopening, we will continue to balance convenience with our ability to meet demand, without compromising the health and safety of our employees and customers."

The MVC recently announced the addition of Commercial Driver License renewals by appointment. Road tests and driver knowledge tests continue to be available by appointment only, via the MVC website.

The MVC also recently announced that probationary licenses can now be upgraded online. Many transactions, including most license and registration renewals, can now be completed without a visit to an MVC Center.

Customers should visit NJMVC.gov to conduct transactions online whenever possible and learn more about recent changes at the MVC.

For the latest MVC news and updates, visit NJMVC.gov, and follow the MVC on Twitter (@NJ_MVC), Facebook (NewJerseyMVC), and Instagram (njmvc).