Families of multiples gather in South Jersey to celebrate National Twins Day

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Wednesday, August 2, 2023
Families of multiples gather to celebrate National Twins Day
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Families in South Jersey celebrated National Twins Day on Wednesday with a gathering of multiple multiples.

MOUNT LAUREL, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Families in South Jersey celebrated National Twins Day on Wednesday with a gathering of multiple multiples.

Twins, triplets and others gathered at Laurel Acres Park in Mount Laurel, New Jersey for some photos and fun.

Eight-year-old Mount Laurel twins Liam and Sabrina Scollay don't always agree, but they can when it comes to their matching outfits on this day.

"It's horrifying," said Sabrina Scollay, who along with her brother, proclaimed to possess a life-long dislike of matching.

Don't tell that to the 15-year-old Mercado triplets of Pennsauken, who shop in triplicate.

"We always match," said Paula Mercado.

"Sometimes it's hard to find three of everything," said Sophia Mercado.

"We could trick people, and we get a lot of compliments," said Angelica Mercado.

New Jersey Twins Day 2023 was hosted by South Jersey Mothers of Multiples.

It's a group that provides support, information and fellowship for mothers of twins, triplets, quadruplets and more.

The club has been meeting for more than 50 years, with generations of parents finding friendship and advice.

"Mothers with little ones are used to getting them on a sleep schedule, but when you have two babies, getting them sleeping, eating, doing everything, it's very difficult," said Marcy Scollay of Mount Laurel.

"When I was pregnant, I would go into the meetings and talk about all the different problems I was having, and they're like, 'Yeah I've already been through that,'" said Gabrielle Lasko of Lindenwold.

Erica Young, who attended the gathering with her mother, is a twin herself.

Young found the experience quite different as a parent.

"Groups like this, I reached out to them the first night home from the hospital for help. It's just been such a lifesaver since I've joined," said Young.

Young's mother Danielle Bauwens of Mount Laurel added, "It's definitely a different experience, but it's one I wouldn't change for the world."

Parenting, or even being a multiple, provides its own unique sets of challenges.

"Sometimes they might get in your personal space," said 10-year-old twin Mikayla Lasko.

"Yeah, I do get in her personal space a lot," said fellow twin, Sophie Lasko.

The Lasko twins spend a lot of time together and while that can sometimes be tough, know their twin has their back.

"When I was little, when I was sad, my sister would come over and tell me what's the matter," said Sophie.